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    Long time reader, first time posting so please be gentle. It's simple amazing how an electronic device can cause such a stir among people.

    As a BB10 fan and owner/user of an original Passport and a Z30 along with a Nexus5 and Lumia 1020, I do consider BB10 to be "superior" in some respects to other mobile OSes. However, the global market seems to be favoring two mobile OSes at the moment, iOS and Android. Right, wrong or indifferent, those are the dominant players. Only Microsoft has the bank account to keep playing along to try and gain relevance and it is a nice OS for the most part (still hoping for Win10 on my 1020) so hopefully their new devices and updated OS gain some traction.

    As a comparison, consider the mobile carrier market (in the US anyway). It's nice that T-Mobile is hanging around and they're making compelling inroads, but essentially, everyone is playing second fiddle to Big Red and Ma Bell. Especially Sprint, in their current, very distant, last place.

    All of that being said, BlackBerry seems to essentially be going the route of Samsung, who in this case is building Android devices and can use that to somewhat support their investment into Tizen, which isn't that much different than BlackBerry possibly trying to leverage Android to maintain their handset division while bolstering their enterprise presence which then goes into the IoT and in the end, might (however unlikely) resurrect BB10 as a formidable mobile OS.

    I agree to a certain extent with the diehard purists that suggest that if it doesn't run a BlackBerry OS then it isn't a Blackberry. However, which is better - a BlackBerry that withers away into irrelevance (and bankruptcy) on the backs of purists or a BlackBerry that may eventually regain respect and prominence in the mobile community through excellent hardware (running an evil OS) and customization of their own mobile OS to forge ahead into an emerging market with the IoT?

    Apologies for the long post. And also if it's in the wrong place in the forums. Simply impatiently waiting for the Slider (Android, BB10, Windows, who cares what it's running as long as it's not iOS) and decided to throw my two cents in with everyone else.

    As far as I'm concerned, the moderators can delete this post as soon as the slider is released. I'm buying the slider regardless, Android or not, and if it's junk, I'll simply retire it beside the Q10 I bought and my beloved 9900.

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    09-21-15 11:48 PM
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    People don't want to accept that BlackBerry 10 is a lot like Tizen in terms of who uses it. Very little people use BlackBerry 10.

    While the OS itself is a pleasure to use, you can't deny that it will eventually fade away and lose support.

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    09-22-15 09:43 AM
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    Yeah... BlackBerry is taking a step towards making an Android phone which was ruled out several times in the history... this is because BlackBerry just cannot compete in the dominant scenario!

    Joining and securing Android will help it gain some lost BlackBerry customers who went all touch and might want to return to the PKB... this is the best effort that BlackBerry has put in..

    Ultimately its the device sales numbers which will determine the future course of BlackBerry (also its doing quite well on the software side of the business)

    Even if its android I will support BlackBerry for its build quality and the ease of use (I feel Android is too cluttered)

    Best of luck for BlackBerry with the Venice (and I'd buy the slider if I had the money) :P

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    09-22-15 01:50 PM

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