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    Summary: Nest app doesn't work for registering the Nest Protect. However, it does seem to work fine for monitoring.

    I needed to replace my fire alarm. I went for a 2nd gen Nest Protect. The 1st gen went through a recall, due to too many false alarms. The 2nd gen is supposed to have fixed that. Purchase price was $99 USD + tax, which is pricey for a fire alarm, as they're available for as cheap as $20 USD, but I was curious about internet connectivity and fire alarms are supposed to last 10 years now ($10/year essentially, as I only need one).

    My first concern was whether the Nest app would work with BB10. I was able to install via Cobalt's Google Play. I had read somewhere that it only required Android 2.4.x, which was promising as the Android Runtime on BB10 was 4.3.x. Unfortunately, once I started the registration process, the app wanted Google Play Services and complained. However, it did let me continue.


    1. It complained about Google Play Services.
    2. It wasn't possible to scan the QR code as the app couldn't get the camera to focus. I had to manually enter the code.
    3. It wasn't able to connect to the Nest Protect.

    I ended up using an Android tablet to complete the registration. The Nest Protect *requires* that it be registered with the Nest app. It can't be registered via the web.

    Just for monitoring the Nest Protect, the app seems to work fine, other than making complaints for Google Play Services.
    01-03-17 02:44 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    glad it is working right now. I can only imagine that sooner or later, there will be an upgrade to the software and it will require what your BB10 device does not have. Good luck!
    01-03-17 05:27 AM

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