1. Jamie Brahm's Avatar
    O have a q5. BB 10.3. Music stored on a high quality MicroSD.

    On the standard 'music' app, my music files index, play for awhile, and then all the music disappears from the music apps index, and it either goes blank or says 'no music'. It won't play, and stops playing. The SD card still shows, and songs can be played manually from the disk.

    A reset of the device, caused a reindex, and all the music is there again.

    Is there either

    a) a fix for this annoying problem (sound quality on BB phones is unbelievably good, so major priority to get it running smoothly to me)

    b) another good music app that can work in its place.

    Music on a BB phone, with good on ear headphones is a pure delight to a audiophile. Better than any portable device I've ever had. Guess its to do with sound processing for call quality, but I'll take it! But this, major annoying glitch spoils it.

    Please help!
    11-06-15 01:02 AM
  2. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    So is it just songs from the SD card that do this?
    Have you tried moving some to the device memory and seeing if they still disappear from the database?

    Any videos do this as well? They use the same database you see

    There are two databases, mmlibrary.db and mmlibrary_SD.db
    11-06-15 05:25 AM
  3. Jamie Brahm's Avatar
    Well it's a q5, so not really enough space on the internal storage for music. As for videos IDK, I've only had the phone for a few days. I did see someone else seemed to be having this problem. I've installed a third party music player, hopefully that will help...:/
    11-06-15 03:39 PM
  4. Blackerthanblack's Avatar
    It happened to me too. Just copy everything to desktop, format the card and move the music / media back on it. Now I'm ok

    Posted via my Black Passport
    11-06-15 11:01 PM

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