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    Short Version: Tried to add an ical with a bunch of events and my Classic deleted all my email/calendar/contact accounts.

    I needed to add an ical with 52 events to my calendar. I figured no problem, I'll just email it to myself and I'll have the option to add it to my calendar.

    Wrong. After taking a good 30 seconds to open the email (which it didn't actually do, it went straight to the calendar entry with no way to view the actual message) it only recognized the last event

    Then I figured fine, my poor classic can't handle it. I then just imported it into google calendar on my computer.

    A minute later I went back to my phone and the calendar app was unhappy opening. Whatever, I figured I would read some more emails while it got its act together. I swiped over to the hub and it was locked up too. After waiting a good 30 second with nothing happening, I restarted the hub and POOF

    It was gone, all gone.

    All email accounts were gone. Checking my accounts, it wasn't just email, it was everything include remote calendars.

    Really? What a useless piece of junk.
    09-06-15 02:34 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    did you add the accounts back and restore everything?
    09-06-15 02:52 PM
  3. anon9347040's Avatar
    When you say "iCal", does this mean that you are using iCloud? I do not Gmail on my phone, but I do use iCloud. As long as your data has not been blanked out on the iCloud server, you should be good.

    If you have the iCloud account still on your phone, delete it and then add it back again a few minutes and it should sync up within 30 mins.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport Red Edition
    09-06-15 11:01 PM
  4. Jerry A's Avatar
    I'm guessing the OP means the file format - ie .ics (which is called ical format not to be confused with the OSX app iCal).

    My best guess is that the BB10 can't process an entire calendar and only takes the last event. Not unusual, most other phones and mail clients have the same limitation.

    OP - sorry to hear that the Hub flaked out on you when trying to import the calendar. Here's a workaround that you can try:

    1. Create a new calendar on one of your email accounts
    2. Import the .ics file into the new calendar
    3. Setup all your accounts on the BB (again)
    4. Have the BB sync the new calendar you just created

    Good luck!
    09-06-15 11:29 PM

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