06-15-15 10:18 AM
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    Mr. T,
    In the meantime, let me suggest the app "Home Screen Plus". It has a few features you may find useful to make better use of your home screen real estate.
    Thanks, I'll check that out. I've looked up a few of these apps previously, but it's good to hear you recommend this one.

    Yeah you can turn that off. I think it was dumb to add it in the first place, but sooooooo many people wanted it!
    I wasn't aware of this as being a feature, so at least there is some customization around disabling it. But it's a peculiar thing to ask for, I agree.

    "Now with my Z30, it's not so bad scrolling page after page horizontally, because more icons can fit on each page. But on a Classic or Q5/10, you have to scroll a lot of pages to find something. "

    Why scrolling when he may eight tap the page number where certain app may be. Or even better, if you have a PKB, why not assign those most used apps to your keys? Why not keep your "search" app open and simple write 2-3 letters to get to it? Did you know that you may place "unlimited" amount of apps within folders?
    I'm aware of all that. The unlimited amount of apps in a folder is good, but I think also being able to scroll vertically would be a nice feature.
    06-15-15 10:18 AM
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