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    The way I envision this feature, is a single-tap way to defer a notification. Either by XX minutes, or by selecting a date. I use flags (w key when email is selected in email list) for emails in 7.1.x, but the implementation is kind of clumsy and doesn't extend to other notifications. Making this easier to use, and extending this functionality to any notification, would be a very useful feature.

    Situation: Phone vibrations/rings/LED flashes. You swipe up to see notifications, see that it's an email, pull right to reveal hub. Select the item, and then easily be able to defer for 15 minutes, or whatever. Then swipe back to previous app, and continue as you were. In 15 minutes, the notification will fire again, reminding you.

    The important point is that this must be a native feature, so that no matter what kind of notification it is (talkbox new message, whatever), that the reminder/defer feature works.

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    11-03-12 05:00 PM
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    Sounds great !
    11-04-12 06:26 AM

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