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    Gotta say since I've started working at a carrier dealership, the first two months I saw 1-2 z30's now in the past 3 months, I'm seeing more and more. I'm talking 20 per day in store or around here mall. Z30's, Z10's, Q10's, Q5's, keep in mind only the Z10 and Q10 were officially launched here. Just yesterday a customer saw me using my Z10, she came for an S5 (we didn't have any in stock) and was telling me she wish we had the Z10, she would buy one now instead,cause she knows blackberries are the most secure phones, but our branched recalled all berries a stupid decision really, because right after I had people coming to me for bb10 devices by the "two's", idk what happened but something sparked interest.

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    08-05-14 08:56 AM
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    everything just needs time to catch up.. they won't sell much, but if you count all quarters since BlackBerry 10 was out, it would be a bit over 10 million phones.. spread takes time

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    08-05-14 09:19 AM

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