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    So, am always around Crackberry and never noticed a thread about this, so decided to point out my finding.

    1. Download Cobalt's "Mobile Network" app and install it (search the forums you'll find it"

    2. Install the APK and open it, then select "More Android Settings"

    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select "About Phone"

    4. Here we have two different hidden menus

    A. Tap frantically on the "android version" and a fun but useless "easter egg" will pop up.

    B. Tap frantically on the "build number" and you will enable developer mode.

    5. Go back a menu and open the "developer" menu and play around with the settings.

    General notes: kids, do not try this at home ; not for faint hearted; damages to over all well being of device is possible. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

    On the other hand, for all you experts and brainiacs, play around with the settings and feed back on any of these settings that may help smoothen up or speed up android apps on our beloved devices is more than welcome!

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    03-16-16 04:55 PM
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    You could always use Ghost Commander to access the Developer mode options ever since it was made available in BBW long ago, too.

    I never found anything that made much difference in any of those settings, though.

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    03-16-16 10:15 PM
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    Lool... oh... that stooopified the post drastically!

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    03-16-16 11:36 PM

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