1. whatsever's Avatar
    I just bought a new Playbook and nexus 7 for the wife but still like OS 2.1 with my playbook.

    I know BB10 will not show up on the Playbook. I still hope there will be some new layout,icons and some other improvements.

    Why don't make a BB10 tablet OS just for sale like selling (redhad or windows licence) . Just make it with difference support for
    1280x800 and 1920-1200 screens and because it is easy to install a new os on a android mobile or tablet . Made it with a anroid bootloader and
    make it work for galaxt tab2,3 and asus tablet and make android friendly.

    How to make it android friendly is easy. See my other threat because this one is for outspreading OS10 to tablets (maybe phone's) but let
    people know that the OS is higher protected on a blackberry phone.
    08-24-13 08:29 AM
  2. sergey_IL's Avatar
    Who will provide drivers for different hardware?
    08-24-13 08:37 AM
  3. whatsever's Avatar
    It's a tablet OS so that's why usung first only samsung and Asus and the drivers could be extract from the original OS. much better is talking with samsung to get the licence and driver stuff for radio/camera etc. .

    Sell the OS for 25 dollar and free BBM inbuild etc. how to protect is with email adres and mac number.

    So soon as the OS is ordered they will there get there own personal OS with email adres build in and mac number but that will be in time cracked but then you get no support or update's. for 25 dollar or 19,95 euro people will prob buy it.
    08-24-13 08:47 AM
  4. sergey_IL's Avatar
    Android tablets have android drivers, which are actually Linux drivers. But for BB10 you need QNX drivers. There is a big difference between the two, in most cases Linux drivers are built in to the Kernel. On other hand QNX is microkernel, so drivers are external modules and interfaces are different from Linux also. You can not just recompile them. In most cases they should be rewritten for QNX.
    08-24-13 08:53 AM
  5. whatsever's Avatar
    Ok but how complex will that be for QNX to target some tablets because most of them have same processors etc. so it could be done and the OS is still there. I thinking about linux running and get a new videocard need only new drivers but not a new OS.

    So if they get a team to make drivers it should a go because I think the drives allready there but they must translate to work at OS10
    08-24-13 04:04 PM
  6. Ranga Fernando1's Avatar
    I want to have Anroid OS on my passport. Tell me how to please.

    Posted via CB10
    02-09-17 04:20 AM
  7. Halifax Guy's Avatar
    I want to have Anroid OS on my passport. Tell me how to please.

    Posted via CB10
    Can't be done.

    Posted using a Q10,
    02-09-17 06:23 AM
  8. TurboMAC's Avatar
    Better wait for the mercury or simply buy the priv.

    Posted via CB10
    02-09-17 12:24 PM

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