1. mustafa2013's Avatar
    i'm an egiptian. i use blackberry 9360 with blackberry screen reader installed.
    although it is not very accessible, it is a good move from RIM and i think they will improve it shortly.
    i just would like to know about the future of accessibility in bb10. RIM has talked about everything in its new platform except the accessibility.
    i'll supose that they forgot to do this. but i need to know specially about screen reading software that will be available in bb10, if there will be.
    i would like you to know that there are only 5 blackberry accessible phones. all are curve. i wanted to use a bold 9900 phone but unfortunately it is not possible. I hope RIM take this into consideration because we have right to use the same phones as the others.
    all apple products are very accessible since the accessibility is one of their priorities.
    please if someone of you has some sort of direct connects with someone in RIM. tell them to talk about the accessibility in their new platform.
    11-16-12 12:48 PM
  2. big bb's Avatar
    I have aked RIM, I also have looked at the Dev Alpha and right now they only have one option (Magnify) so the the pinch to zoom work everywhere on the device. I will put their response here when i hear back from them.
    11-16-12 02:25 PM
  3. redhalo79's Avatar
    I too use a BB device with the screen reader. I have also wondered if they will include a screen reader on their keyboard BB10 device. Let's hope they have not forgotten us!!
    01-25-13 09:56 PM
  4. Draconianfire83's Avatar
    Hey those interested in Accessibility... I have been chatting with Greg Fields the lead for BlackBerry's Accessibility Team and here is what he's told me (this is post BB10 Launch).

    - BlackBerry Magnify (pinch zoom function across OS)
    - Hearing Aid and TTY capable
    - Closed Captioning for Browser based content
    - Scalable fonts (specifically for low vision)
    - Reader Mode in Browser is accessible with adjustable font sizes

    According to Mr. Fields, their Accessibility engineers are still working to refine the screen reader for BB10.
    Though, I'm guessing it will be tied into the built in Voice Control (Siri-like function) that is already on BB10

    I also found this video online from a friend of mine!
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    02-11-13 06:09 PM
  5. redhalo79's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! We will have to wait n see!

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    02-18-13 01:26 AM

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