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    New Question: I have a Passport and a Nexus 6/Chrome, both have BB PWK on them, If I make the transition to BB PWK, how can I access it on my Win10/Chrome, if at all.

    Is BB Password Keeper Info Kept Only On Phone?

    and is there a BB Notes which is non-cloud also?

    I'm looking for these two functions where my info is mine, never to be seen by anyone, never sent to the Cloud, never data mined.

    Additional; Some of the instructions seem to pertain to Android and not BB10, http://help.blackberry.com/en/passwo...175599264.html

    I understand the need to transfer things but I need a BB10 Tutorial.
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    If you don't set Password Keeper to backup to the BlackBerry Cloud, then your Password Keeper data is only on the device and also in a backup file made with Link if you make a backup. The default setting for Password Keeper backup to Blackberry Cloud is off. Third party backup utilities cannot backup Password Keeper.

    The BB10 remember app database is local to the device except for notes placed in an Evernote folder if you added an Evernote account. Local Remember app data will be backed uo by Link. Remember app data will also be backed up by a third party utility if you set the app to backup that data.

    I can't speak to other Notes apps.
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    ^What aiharkness wrote is a good start.

    If you use Link on Windows or Mac, you can backup all device data. The backup file is encrypted and therefore already pretty safe, but I would move it into a Truecrypt container where it is completely safe.

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