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    BlackBerry. A Security Communications, and networking company. Widely respected patents on keyboards. An infrastructure that spans across the globe headquartered in good old Canada!

    BlackBerry was built on the premise of taking core office communications out of the office desktop PC and into the mobile world. Allowing professionals to be reachable on a 24hrs/day.

    Due to competition on a global scale BlackBerry has had to shrink and rethink the core basis of the classic communicator pager - 850.

    When you think about it, right down the core, BlackBerry is still the Security Communications business it was over 15yrs ago, with a vast interest in expanding its network.

    I think it's time that BlackBerry begin stepping away from it's 80% focus of security communications, and reduce it to an equal 50:50% Security Communications and Security Networking.

    Talking the talk of networking, in many forms M2M/IoT, in the past 2yrs has yet to develop into anything but media highlights, company personnel shifting/leaving.

    BlackBerry NEEDS to evolve their thinking, their direction, their processes! BlackBerry needs to once again revolutionize the mobile office paradigm, the mobile employee, and consumer alike.

    How to begin to do this ... I really don't know but I'm sure many of you within the community can putout some really sound and incredible ideas.

    Good starting place:
    re-evaluate how your employees use your BlackBerry device during work, outside of work and while travelling.

    Focus on their needs and source of Applications, find out why one source works vs another.

    What is truly missing in the corporate space?
    - Where is my Active Directory (AD), Exchange Management Shell (EMS), PowerShell (PS) applications that talk directly (using NOC and BES behind firewalls into the corporate intranet) to infrastructure systems?!!
    > Using an RDP on such a small screen, even at 4.5" is not the correct nor the full answer to the question, it's a work around.

    What is BlackBerry Maps lacking in and why is BlackBerry using so many resources to compete with world renowned leaders in this space? Why make the application and GUI and outsource/license the data for the maps content?!!

    What are leading businesses NEED to continue their effectiveness of their mobile employees in various fields:
    Business Management
    Film & Production industry

    BlackBerry, a new business frontier to consider ....

    Infrastructure (Construction/Demolition) & Mining target markets.

    - Loaders that are wirelessly controlled.
    > Need for longer range communications that are secure, not just from interference is NEEDED. Where is the ability for mining, demolitions in mining not aware of where each specific employee is on the mine site before demolitions goto work?

    - Remote monitoring (On/Off site) of all equipment.
    > Knowing potential issues before they occur.
    > Isolating & reducing expenses in the supply chain,
    > Focusing on Caterpillar for sold/rental equipment for data telemetry for necessary servicing. This ALONE could save hundreds of thousands on EACH truck (loader, digger, grinder, etc)!

    - Where is the industries first TOUGH-BlackBerry!?!

    There is just so much more that I feel BlackBerry is not even aware of, never thought of, and completely blinded. BlackBerry needs to combine their strengths of both the handset industry and their NOC beyond just sharing the OS.
    10-13-14 07:34 PM
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    interesting ... 150 reads no comments ... maybe the title is wrong.
    10-14-14 06:13 PM

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