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    Days ago I was using my BB Classic, with some android apps open ( such as Mapsme, dejaoffice,.) but few minutes later I realized that the devices was continuously reseting, so I tried to turn of without success, even I connect to a computer but the problem was still.

    After 1 hour I decided to stop this loop, and i opened the device with my nails (not an easy task) and unplugged the battery wire during a while.
    When I plugged battery again, the boot process went better and it achieved to show the security pattern, i entered my "password" and it went back to the previous loop problem.
    I plugged to a computer with BB Link but the computer was not able to connect to the BB Classic due the reset loop.

    I unplugged battery wire again, and during 2 days i keep in a drawer because I had not time to research. After that, I plugged it to a computer and BB link loaded it, and even I could access to folders from Windows explorer, so I could copy some files from android folders and even I could make a backup with BB Link.

    Next to it; I unplugged from computer and i plugged to a battery charger, led was blinking in green (what means that pattern?)

    After press the "turn on" button for some second, BB classic boot process was complete, and after logged in, I could see the last apps running on memory. After killing MapsMe, and Clock I had 5 apps running on BB "home".

    So, I understand that 7 apps were in memory before the issue but it is odd because I never saw more than 6. Is there a limit? can be modified? is there any log file of the OS issues?

    I cannot find a cause for the reset issue nor I can for the fixing and happy ending.
    Any clue? humidity and dry? battery?

    Now I want to learn as much as possible about recovery, because I am very scared about a problem like this and I want to be ready to avoid or be able to solve in case.

    Soft rel v.
    OS ver. v.
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    Anyone had a similar problem?
    I wouldn't like to loss info or the phone because an issue like that.
    So I am interested in any personal experience of problem and solution

    Is there any webpage about BlackBerry recovery methods?

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    10-27-15 03:52 PM
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    You can try to check if anybody suffered the same problem here :


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    10-27-15 03:58 PM

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