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    I just switched back to 10.2.1 and not all of my contacts from my Mac OSX address book are syncing with my phone via BBLink
    It was sketchy before, but usually after several attempts Link would eventually sync up with the computer.
    Trying to get help from BlackBerry via their Twitter help is futile.
    After clearly telling them that I don't use Outlook or Google, they sent me link to syncing with Outlook with instructions on how to perform the standard sync.. which isn't working and was the reason why I went to them in the first place.
    BB Link Not Syncing All Of My Contacts-bb-twitter-help-convo1.jpgBB Link Not Syncing All Of My Contacts-bb-twitter-help2.jpgBB Link Not Syncing All Of My Contacts-bb-twitter-help3.jpg
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