1. Sebastian Maier1's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    recently I found out about peek view. On my Q10 I find it quite difficult to move the finger the exact distance to open peek view and not show the full bar. Is it possible to deactivate the "full" view and only use the small one? There are icons and I know which mail account is which, so I really dont need the labeling.

    Dreaming I think it would be optimal if swiping opens the peek view (no matter how far I swipe), clicking on an account switches to this account and keeps peek view open until I click a second time on the icon or just swipe-close it. Imo this would make it so much more efficient to hop through the accounts.

    Is this or parts of this possible right now?
    05-11-14 05:59 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    no. not possible now.
    05-11-14 10:12 AM

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