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    I'm having problems with Blackberry Assistant. Every command I ask my assistant to do, with the exception of BBMs and Emails, I get the "Voice request wasn't understood" response. This includes internet searches, 'remind me to', 'set an alarm at x', 'schedule a meeting', 'remember x' and so forth. Basically most of the functional things I would use it for.
    My information is as follows:
    BlackBerry Passport model SQW100-1
    Software Release
    Network: Etisalat UAE

    Etisalat has not approved 10.3.2 yet, so I am still waiting on the software update. Also about Etisalat and the UAE, is for many years VOIP was banned; this includes Skype, BBM Voice/Video, Whatsapp calls, however they have been starting to let it through within the last year and it has been working fine recently. Is it possible that something like this could be the result of the carrier? I really can't imagine so.

    I have looked online and cannot find a solution to this problem, and I really dont want to wipe my phone and reload it. Does anyone have a solution.
    Thanks very much
    07-09-15 06:49 AM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    The BlackBerry Assistant uses Wolfram Alpha to "listen" to your voice commands and translate those into actions or key words.
    About Wolfram|Alpha: Making the World's Knowledge Computable
    As such, it is limited to what languages it is programed for and nuances within those languages.
    While it may understand the language you are speaking, an accent or cultural variance in spoken word, might throw it off enough to run out of options and "give up" with the "Voice request wasn't understood" message.

    For example, in the United States, a person speaking who is native to the New England states with generally sound much different that someone native to the Southern States when speaking, sometimes to the point of either having trouble understanding what the other is saying, even though they both speak English and are saying the same thing.

    This might be part of the issue.
    07-09-15 08:54 AM
  3. riley_aurum's Avatar
    Thank you DaFoxGrey for your quick response. I didn't think to mention this info. My language is set to English (US), as I am born and raised American. I live in the UAE for work, but I speak perfectly clear English with nearly no accent at all, American or otherwise.
    The assistant understands everything I say. It can write emails and bbms, and even shows what I have said when I tell it to do a task that continues to give back the 'Voice request wasn't understood' response. For example, I said "Remind me to buy milk in one hour", which follows the syntax correctly. After it listened and computer what I had said, it returned the sentence I said, but followed with it could not be understood.
    BB Assistant: Voice request wasn't understood-img_20150709_1844144.jpg
    Above you can see that it understood what I had said. A moment later, it gave me the response, and you can see that it minimized the sentence I had said at the bottom, so it's still in the screen.
    BB Assistant: Voice request wasn't understood-img_20150709_184418.jpg

    All commands I say follow the syntax BlackBerry has set out for each task, such as what I had said above fits its guidelines below
    BB Assistant: Voice request wasn't understood-img_20150709_184800.jpg
    07-09-15 09:54 AM
  4. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    Ah OK, so:
    • It takes dictations and can use that to created text in email and BBM with no issues.
    • However, it doesn't seem to activate a tasks.

    That sum it up?
    07-09-15 10:42 AM
  5. riley_aurum's Avatar
    Yes that is a more accurate description. However, it still writes BBMs, emails, and will play music if I say "Play some Drake" or X artist, it will play music. Those are the only functions I have gotten to work.
    07-09-15 10:45 AM
  6. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    OK, I'm not fully up on the BlackBerry Assistant world of issues, but double check this first:
    • Tap the Search Icon, the magnifying glass, that will bring up BlackBerry Assistant.
    • Don't tap the Microphone icon, instead tap where it says "Type here to get started"
    • Once the screen changes, swipe down from the top to access the Settings icon, the gear.
    • Check to see if the switch for Full Assistance is on. If not, turn it on.
    • Tap Device Search Settings.
    • Check the Categories and Extended tabs to see if all items you want enabled are checked.

    If it all looks good in there, then hopefully a regular with more BlackBerry Assistance knowledge can help.
    07-09-15 10:57 AM
  7. riley_aurum's Avatar
    I appreciate your help, but I have checked these settings already. Full Assistance is on, and all the settings are as they should be. (You can also get to the Assistant settings through the Settings app).

    I am going to try and do a full back up, and clear the phone and restore. I have been wondering if it would speed up some things or not, and I have never messed with the operating system except for carrier approved OS updates. I will comment as if this does fix the issue. It may also be a rare bug for 10.3.1 that BB is no longer addressing, with 10.3.2 being brought out more by carriers.
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    07-09-15 11:03 AM
  8. riley_aurum's Avatar
    Just to update. After I did a backup and restore, it seemed to have fixed the problem. But my restore went awfully wrong and got interrupted. Restores weren't working after the first time it got interrupted, so I just factory reset and then restored and it worked.
    I have also updated to, and the assistant is still working. It must have been a strange bug only affecting my phone.
    DaFoxGrey likes this.
    07-13-15 02:16 AM
  9. gaytheist's Avatar
    I speak perfectly clear English with nearly no accent at all, American or otherwise.
    This is the most American statement I have ever read.
    07-14-15 12:23 AM

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