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    Have been reading posts about BB10 being dead / doomed. Here is a possible future scenario for BB10 as an OS.

    Fundamental Assumption: To make a device totally secure - one must own the hardware as well as the software (OS + Applications). In the absence of any one - its pretty difficult (if not impossible to fully secure a device).

    BB is currently owning both Hardware and Software (OS - though not all applications). Does it make sense for it to keep going on the same path of making hardware (customized to its own OS - and not to the generic android OS) and also make the applications required on the OS?

    Speaking my personal experience - as a pro-sumer - I am not thrilled about any seriously heavy graphic games (can do that on a larger screen tablet or a gaming station) - I am fine with some simple time killers (tic tac toe / scrabble etc.) which I presume wont be too difficult to code. As a pro-sumer I am keen on getting things simplified (work as well as personal), I wish to use the device to delegate menial tasks so that I can do more important / value added things. For example - I would love it if BB hub has the functionality to set email followup reminders based on received emails or calls (with max one clicks and some standard reminder setting) or have geo-location based alarms and actions or have the password keeper integrated deeply with the browser or password protected pdf / document / worksheet; where password keeper gets invoked from the open application itself as soon as it is needed (ofcourse with the password keeper login security) etc. Typically such small actions which consume time are not easily done without "special apps" which need to be purchased again from 3rd party developers. And there is cost to BB to create and maintain detailed guidelines / coding manuals / help files / developer support etc. to ensure that its devices have these apps in the app store.

    Now if one analyzes the app store its easy to figure that the most useful (though not the most sold / popular) apps are made by probably very few developers (maybe 10 or 20 unique developers).

    So how about this - BB creates a APP Request website (where it invites specific app requests) - and puts together a team of its own engineers (preferably) or outsources the app to a specific developer and gets it developed (buys it off and launches it as a part of the OS + Apps combo itself - not as a separately charged app).

    Short term - it may seem to be a drain on the cashflow. However I feel that this will create a very "functional" OS and will actually realize the "getting things done" positioning. If a person gets used to such seamless integration (between apps, the OS and the actions of the user) it would be impossible to get him shift to another platform. And the background of all of this would be "security and user privacy".

    I feel that this might work long term... What do you feel?
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    09-29-15 01:06 PM
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    Only way BB10 would/could ever continue is if BlackBerry made an excess of revenue on the software side to be able to eat a loss on the handset side. That's assuming they want to do that.

    I do concur with the fully secure opinion, you need to control the whole chain, not just software.
    09-29-15 01:41 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar

    • It's not 2012, it's late 2015. This was a problem that needed to be solved in 2012.
    • Most of the apps that would be at the top of the list would be apps for online services - services that don't have a public API and don't allow third-party clients. That's why it's critical to get those third-party developers to want to make apps for your platform - and you do that by showing them a large userbase.
    • BB isn't willing to throw anymore money into the BB10 fire. They've done that for 3 years, and almost destroyed themselves in the process.
    09-29-15 01:53 PM
  4. rahulquest's Avatar
    Very valid points Troy... maybe its a tad late right now.

    If they figure out some way to keep afloat - while they keep chipping in this direction, I feel in a few years they will gain a respectable share of the market. The point is, if you keep doing the "right thing" "consistently" albeit "slowly" - you will reach your destination and sustain / defend your presence in that destination without much effort.The critical point is how to keep afloat till then...

    On a lighter note - its quite a paining to see billions going down the drain every single year under the guise of "potentially blockbuster e-commerce related investment by private equity players" (a majority of that money is something which they will never see again, as most of it is distributed to the "consumers" under some or the other guise).
    09-29-15 02:28 PM
  5. rahulquest's Avatar
    That's assuming they want to do that.
    Its not that they have any other option available right now. Going Android will definitely help - but I don't think that people will queue outside BB Stores to buy a Android BB with or without a keypad. It will help open new revenue stream (and address a new customer segment) which was hitherto unavailable for BB. Only time will tell how big it will be and how fast that segment will grow. But its required to be done and I am happy they've done it.

    Everything that's happened in the mobile industry after the iPhone launch many years ago has been incremental in nature. What BB needs to do is to create something "disruptive" (either as a service or a product or an experience). Unless they don't do that - they wont be able to stand out and in this industry, to survive, you need to stand out and be unique. Pure traditional keypad is no longer unique. (And the touch sensitive keypad is a good step in that direction). They need a disruption in every area - hardware, software, user experience, apps, visual appeal - blah blah...

    However the primary purpose of the device must always be in the foreground and never be forgotten... it seems that in the race to be the next big thing - many have forgotten it.
    09-29-15 02:37 PM
  6. undone's Avatar
    I think BlackBerry as a handset manufacturer (for commercial users) is done. Anything they are doing today is to shore up the balance sheets and give themselves a little more run room to ramp up the software side. If they do find success with an Android handset, it will be because it has a keyboard.

    BB10 might exist in the future only to support that end to end, but again it has to make sense for the company and what/how they are selling BB10 os..
    09-29-15 03:10 PM
  7. TRMP87's Avatar
    I think it's possible in a future update of bb10 that there will be googles app store being installed, Google and Samsung have partnered with BlackBerry and since blackberry is helping them with all sorts of things the LEAST Google can do is let them have the app store.

    And there's a really cool reason to having multiple app stores. Ever used an app that you wished you had at least two of the same running at the same time so you can get info in 2 different pages at the same time? BRILLIANT!!

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    09-30-15 02:11 AM
  8. markmall's Avatar
    Undone, this is it. There ain't no magical "software side." Handsets is the only viable business for BlackBerry.

    This is why BlackBerry should have spent money marketing BB10. How can people not buy it because of apps when no one knows it exists?

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    09-30-15 02:35 AM
  9. undone's Avatar
    Undone, this is it. There ain't no magical "software side." Handsets is the only viable business for BlackBerry.

    This is why BlackBerry should have spent money marketing BB10. How can people not buy it because of apps when no one knows it exists?

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    I disagree, look at all the latest companies BB has bought. Mostly software based stuff that is broad reaching. Secusmart I think is both hardware and software. Movirtu, Secusmart, WatchDox, Good Technology...all the recent/Chen ones. Hardware is a losing business.
    09-30-15 02:30 PM
  10. crucial bbq's Avatar
    Let's see;

    #1 request: Instagram
    #2 request: Snapchat
    #3 request: Flappy Ninja Crush
    #4 request: Word Mole

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    09-30-15 04:19 PM

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