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    I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I thought, what the heck.

    Since BB10's official announcement, I have been pretty excited and have been expressing it through some of my social networks. People have been vocal and not always in a positive light. I get it, but what always angers me is how ppl flock over and just believes what other ppl believe, either if it's true or not.

    Anyways.... One of my responses today via my BB 9900 ended up turning into a little mini-article about my opinion:

    "The truth is, at this point, it's all about perception!

    "We've" seen what ppl think of BlackBerry and how they'll not even give it another look, no matter how little information they know about the challenges they've experienced in the past couple years that has caused delays on what they've been working on behind the scenes to stay relevant in the Consumer market.

    To put it simple, they were trying to do too much all at the same time... In the past years, the whole company has been going through an internal transition with re-structuring management and several departments in order to unify many things allowing everyone within the company to stay on the same page with what direction to take. This I admit, was long overdue, but with 80 million subscribers under their belt worldwide, someone somewhere at the top wasn't always making the best calls. A new CEO was appointed last January to remedy all this and he's been doing a pretty bang up job. I know this, not only because I use a BB, but also because I work in the IT field and enjoy following all kinds of tech.

    The challenge that BB has right now is not releasing a good product, they've done that with BB10, but it's creating the buzz that they're 'cool' again. Marketing plays a big part with that as it'll help change the sour taste that ppl have with BlackBerry towards something more positive and sweet.

    People will follow ppl and the latest trends, or cultures, it's normal human behavior. The key is to be open to something new, even if that something new, is still seen in the "public eye" as something old and not good enough.

    BlackBerry has been listening and has finally released a product with all the missing bells and whistles that not only competes with the current Smart Phone kings in the NAmerican markets, iPhone and Samsung(Android), but surpasses their current OS's by bringing many new innovative features to their new OS, BB10.

    Ironically, ppl will think that I'm bias towards BB, but the truth is that I've also recommended iPhones and Androids to friends/family depending on their individual needs. I couldn't care less which other devices/platforms ppl use, because I will continue to use what fits my needs. However, it is also true that I would prefer for ppl to buy BB10 devices and in the masses, not because of me, but ultimately, for the companies success that would allow me to keep using a product that works for me.

    Either way, in one way or another, BlackBerry is here to stay."

    Let me know what you guys think!

    01-31-13 05:24 PM
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    I think I spend too much time on CB and the Internet in general that I should take a break and consider therapy. However, I agree with your comments about how individuals have different needs. It's like everyone tries too hard to enforce their own preference on other people which I don't like. I don't think BlackBerry necessarily need to be the cool guys, aslong as people understand, swallow their pride and admit that there can be a third player and that third player was always BlackBerry, then so be it.

    It's easy to hate on BlackBerry, very easy. I sometimes don't blame some journalists writing articles which probably takes them 5mins to hate, it's their job at the end of the day. (To write articles, not bad ones in particular)
    01-31-13 05:42 PM

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