1. ronpfid's Avatar
    I just had to post that imo BlackBerry 10 smokes android for copying/moving files. I uploaded a wallpaper to box from my pc, tried to use it on my htc, what a pain that was. Trying to download it to the htc's gallery, going though all the odd folder names in the android.... I picked a place put it there then had no option to set as wallpaper, I think I downloaded it to 5 places on the htc and spent a half hour before I finally got it somewhere that would allow me to set it as wallpaper.
    With my z30, just long press the file, pick copy, navigate to my wallpaper folder and paste it there. 5 seconds! good job blackberry!
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    09-01-14 11:19 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Give astro or ES file explorer a shot. Root explorer is great too.
    09-01-14 11:32 AM
  3. ronpfid's Avatar
    I have a file explorer on my htc but when I'm in box and try to download and navigate that's were it's a pain, then androids annoying way of not letting you set something as wallpaper depending on where it's stored.... same when you email a photo, BlackBerry just smokes it for ease of this operation.
    09-01-14 11:39 AM

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