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    One of the most important habits to get into before loading any new OS whether it is a leaked version or one issued through a carrier is to backup your device. As a matter of fact backing up your device on weekly basis is a good practice to get into regardless if you are going to load a new OS.

    [TIP]The first thing you need to do is install BlackBerry Link installed on your computer. You can find Link here for both a PC and a MAC BlackBerry Link. Once you have Blsckberry Link installed you will need to connect your BB10 device to your computer. If it is your first time using Link you will need to sign in with your BlackBerry ID. You will then go through a few setup screens.

    [INFO]Now you are ready to start the backup process. You will see the gear icon in the upper right, click on this icon. This will bring you to your device settings screen.

    You have a couple of options to select for backing up your device. For this tutorial we are going to check the box labeled "Select data to include in your backup files". For most people it will be best to check all the boxes. This ensures that all of your settings, media and applications are backed up from the device. If you are sure there are items you don't want to backup you can just leave them unchecked.

    On the far left, you will see three options: "Back Up Now", "Restore Data", and "Remove Device". You will click the "Back Up Now" option and the process will start automatically. Once started you will not be able to use your device until the backup is completed.

    Once the backup process has finished there will be confirmation dialog box and you can then disconnect your device.[/INFO]

    Here is the CrackBerry Blog by
    Adam Zeis
    How to backup and restore your BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Link
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    05-07-13 12:13 PM
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    Nicely pointed out and a good thing to remember...
    05-07-13 12:26 PM
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    Why does it take so long to backup/restore?

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    06-03-13 03:01 AM
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    hi guys, having problems backing up my Z10 using BB link on windows 7. it always fails, the error is something like please check if you have write permissions on the backup folder. I have tried several folders, I have admin rights on my computer - however, it always gives me the same error message. I tried starting BB link with the 'run as admin' option, but in this case it says I am not loggged on to blackberry - if I try to logon, it says I'm not connected to the internet (!!!). any suggestions?
    10-01-13 07:08 AM
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    Yes I have a suggestion. Try Fire Chest Backup. It's free in BlackBerry World. Problem solved

    Let me know what you think too.
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    10-02-13 10:08 AM
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    Hello. There is any way to open a previous backup in Blackberry Link not connecting a bb10 device? Or maybe there is an alternative software which is able to read files embedded in backups?
    Thank you.
    11-13-13 03:34 PM
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    Yes I have a suggestion. Try Fire Chest Backup. It's free in BlackBerry World. Problem solved

    Let me know what you think too.
    Hi, that is a very cool program for the data supported! Thank you for your hard work...

    the only problem is it doesn't backup passwords or bookmarks so unfortunately i still have to use Link for those, grrr lol...

    believe me, I wish I never had to use that piece of crap again, hint hint
    11-17-13 01:33 AM
  8. FrankDLR1972's Avatar
    l can never sign-in with BlackBerry ID. Anybody else have this problem? What to do?
    11-20-13 08:53 PM
  9. b1gbleu's Avatar
    I have no problems backing up my bb10 devices, the problem is restoring data. It's always complaining about the OS not being the same as installed on the device. The problem is, the backup doesn't show what operating system was installed when the backup was made! It's partly my fault for trying out the latest leaks, but come on! I was renaming the files when os10 came out but never needed the old backups. Now that I switched phones, there's no way of telling what the backup consists of.
    I downloaded a hex editor but the backup is encrypted. Any ideas? I need my 'remember' notes from my last phone.
    LOL, maybe it's in my sig?
    11-01-14 06:08 PM
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    I've had an issue with a number of apps not properly backing up when I do my backups through Link. There seems to be no explanation why it didn't work. I figure as long as the important stuff is backed up (e-mails, calendars, contacts), I'm not too worried about the apps. Any help with this issue would be appreciated!

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    11-02-14 10:01 AM
  11. chrissycee1975's Avatar
    I've noticed that not all of my apps are backing up successfully when I do a backup through Link. What's the reason for this? I'll try to copy any error codes the next time I run a backup and will post them here. I'm using a Q10 with the last 10.2 update (ends with 2---, not 3----).

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    11-03-14 08:30 PM
  12. iontalkmuch's Avatar
    Why does it take so long to backup/restore?

    Posted via CB10
    Yeah! Why does it always take so long?

    Posted via CB10
    11-26-14 01:40 AM
  13. EastonAtkins's Avatar
    I would say its good to take back up
    12-24-14 01:57 AM
  14. Kathrincolyn's Avatar
    Good topic. Thanks to share.

    Thanks !!
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    12-29-14 07:23 AM

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