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    My Z10's device data is just about filled up. I look at the storage management section within Settings and I see that "Other Data" is a ghastly 15.4GB.

    I am willing to wipe my device and start downloading apps fresh -- but I have a set of apps that I want to keep the progress/saves that I have (360 panorama, various game saves etc.)

    I plugged my device into the PC and I look at the drive that maps to the device... I only see 10 folders, none of which have my game saves in them. I checked the properties of all of the files that it displays and the total of the memory is 166MB. Where are my apps? Why are these files not surfaced to the user? How can I see the EXACT files on this device rather than the subset of files that BB wants me to see?

    I remember an app_data folder in the old OS7 that let me see these types of files. Is there something equivalent for BB10? BB link only lets me backup and restore all of this app data as one "chunk" so this is also not an option...

    09-28-13 10:21 PM
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    Other Data again...

    Let me dig up those threads for you!





    The data you wanna backup is not to be found. It is protected and hidden. To be safe, I'd do a full backup, then delete all apps you don't care about the data and, only with the apps you want to backup the data from, do a backup again.
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    09-28-13 10:34 PM

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