1. mprice63@gmail.com's Avatar
    Good afternoon - I have an AT&T Classic that has been running since it was released. Just now, my phone slowed down and froze. I waited awhile to see if something would happen with no change. It let me do a normal power off but when it re-started I noticed that my wallpaper had changed. It was running slow so I started checking settings. Storage seemed fine (9.5 of 16GB on device, plenty on media card). Then I looked at the OS and it said Has anyone ever experienced an automatic downgrade? I didn't see it anywhere in my searches.

    Existing apps, accounts, contacts seem to be intact and working. Maybe a little slow, but hard to tell. Am I crazy? Did I travel back to 2015? Should I stay on to see if the double typing issue is gone? Let me know... Thanks
    11-20-17 03:59 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Could you post a screenshot of your Settings > About > OS screen or at least type up what it says? If it's just Software Release that reads 10.3.2.something then you're still on 10.3.3.
    11-20-17 04:19 PM

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