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    Probably beating a dead horse with this one. Searched the forums & haven't found a clear answer. I have several email accounts on my Q10 ( official AT&T). When I go to send or forward an email and start typing a name and the auto fill addresses come up, I have some on there that, to be honest, I have no clue who they are or where they come from. I forward my husband several business related emails daily, yet his is always the last option in my auto fill addresses that come up. That's odd in and of itself. Looks like the most frequently used would be first. With sending to him several times a day, I use his name quite a bit. However, my first option is always a person that I have no clue who they are or where they came from. I have gone on my computer, to each individual email account that I have, and composed an email using my husband's name to see if I can get this random person to come up, but nope. So, I don't know where this person comes from or who they are. I'm positive that I have emailed this person due to business. But, why oh why, is this the first person that shows up in my auto fill options???

    So......how do I delete this address......or can I? (And I have deleted all my contacts from Facebook & Twitter, so it's not something like that)

    I love my Berry, but seriously cannot stand the handling of contacts and calendar.
    01-27-15 04:23 PM
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    I personally like this feature,
    I delete a mail then need to send a mail to one of the recipients and they appear whilst typing their name, great for me but I can see why some dislike it.
    On 10.3 OS I belive you can turn this off.

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    01-27-15 06:40 PM

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