10-04-16 11:36 AM
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    My friend I am not getting rid of my Passport so perhaps I am slow but I don't see the connection to what you are implying. I have two Passport's and I will be using them for hopefully years so why would I change my name exactly?
    Did you read anything I wrote in these posts? At all???

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    Oh, I get it now. I thought you're pulling the trigger on sticking with BB10. I didn't read your whole post, just went for the title and the first line. decided to stop there, thought its another "I'm throwing my BB10 device in the garbage" post.

    My bad mate, looks like I'm the drunk one. I sometimes fire up too many tabs and things get hectic

    Keep using your Passport and don't let the news disappoint you
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    10-01-16 10:28 AM
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    I just got yet another Passport, making it a total of 29 backup Passports once this one breaks.

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    Seems a bit excessive, unless you plan on selling some. How many years do you get out of one phone?

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    10-02-16 06:06 PM
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    After seeing this I am glad I pulled the trigger.

    Sorry but I was informed that the link was not permitted and I received a warning.

    The article said basically that any phone manufacturer that wishes to produce a phone running Android would have to maintain updates and security patches. But if they so choose to run BB10 on their phones, BlackBerry would maintain the OS and security for them. This sounds like a great deal for all. Apparently there are phone manufacturers linking up to acquire a license for this. If this is true that means that there is a possible future for BB10 and the new purchase of my new backup Passport is now justified even more.

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    10-03-16 01:56 PM
  4. Fiddle Deedee's Avatar
    Sticking with the platform. I may be getting a spare PP too.

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    10-04-16 11:36 AM
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