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    I had been rather perturbed as unable to backup my STA 100-2 BB Z30 for a month or more since upgrading to the beta OSX El Capitan. Indeed unable to connect to Link or Blend successfully using either USB or WiFi or to use Sachesi via USB of course.

    Tonight success happily so thought to share in case problem widespread.

    1 Disk Image of latest BB Desktop software downloaded.
    2 Z30 WiFi switched OFF at outset but MacBook Pro WiFi ON
    3 Connected Z30 via USB (not disconnected through remaining steps)
    4 Switched OFF WiFi on MBP which triggered pop up menu on Z30 screen to, amongst other options, Install Drivers
    5 As no internet connectivity of MBP, menu pop up on laptop asked whether I wished to retry downloading Link/Blend or to "Install Drivers Only". The latter selected.
    6 MBP restarted (WiFi of MBP automatically ON post restart and NOT switched OFF again)
    7 Aforementioned Disk Image of latest BB Desktop software opened and UNINSTALL option clicked to uninstall all BB software
    8 MBP restarted
    9 Disk Image of BB Desktop software opened again and INSTALL option chosen
    10 BB LINK opened immediately rather than BLEND or SACHESI
    11 LINK requested PIN to unlock Z30
    12 LINK now operational and backup successful..
    13 LINK closed and SACHESI opened. Long pause but "Load Backup Options" button seen on backup tab after long months of absence
    14 SACHESI backup successful..

    I trust useful as I have combed through fora and followed variations of above advised without success hence laborious step wise recounting. Baffled as to why successful now but grateful indeed. All Praise to the Almighty..
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    09-17-15 04:18 PM
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    09-17-15 09:26 PM

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