1. FabriciusFab's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I realized that a couple of weeks ago I started to have problems with my Z30 while playing music. In some random moment, the music stopped.
    It wasn't paused, the icon above in the status bar disappeared. Anyway, I thought it was just another problem with the music app, like when you skip a song and the album artwork stays with the previous one or something like that, but the other day I opened the Spotify app and it did the same thing: halfway a song it just stopped.
    And it's not like once a day, it's more like once everytime I start listening to music.
    I tried rebooting the phone and nothing, the same thing.
    Would there be another thing to do than factory reset the phone?
    03-15-16 07:10 PM
  2. bradmartindale's Avatar
    I've had this problem with my passport. It happens with soundcloud, mix cloud, and youtube. The only one it doesn't do it with is my Sirius XM app

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-16 08:01 AM
  3. FabriciusFab's Avatar
    I've fixed it by doing... a factory reset.
    At least for now I don't have that problem
    03-30-16 10:03 AM

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