1. Elmo Guel's Avatar
    I just got a BB10 classic, I havent activated it , trying to set everything up, BB hub works w gmail, but not with outlook or hotmail. Ive followed the instructions, the only one article I found was
    http://support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?articleNumber=000035952&language=en_ US
    which says that outlook.com server is not longer working, I believe is a server connection issue. they suggest to change to change to the extension ,on your email to office365....
    Either create a new Email Profile with Server Address outlook.office365.com or update the existing profile and apply to the users.
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    12-05-20 10:37 PM
  2. spARTacus's Avatar
    It seems it now works for you?

    I had never had any problems with Hotmail account email syncing in BB10 hub. I think I still also have my Playbook syncing with an Outlook account email. However, those I had setup several years ago and I have not recently tried to re-set up anything new for Hotmail or Outlook in BB10 Hub.
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    12-06-20 07:18 AM
  3. Leyra B10's Avatar
    'eas.outlook.com' works, many also have reported using an app specific password for outlook. Mine automatically sets port number as 443 but 80 might work also. These ports are for http not imtp/sftp/pop. You could try 993 or another mailbox port address.

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    12-06-20 11:45 AM
  4. Elmo Guel's Avatar
    Thank you Leyra, I tried it and failed . I will continue trying different things .
    12-06-20 10:26 PM
  5. joeldf's Avatar
    I have an outlook.com email on my Z10 working fine. It uses the "eas.outlook.com" server address.
    12-07-20 09:27 AM
  6. Elmo Guel's Avatar
    Hello all , thanks for your help. I had the two step verification on, perhaps that was the issue, but no, wait, when I went to the MS account website, I clicked on the option of 2 step verification and took me to another menu page, asking where am I trying to log on 1) android 2) apple 3 ) Blackberry.....I was so surprised it still had theBB option. click on BB and it generates a new password for BB only. I input it and problem solved.
    12-07-20 09:54 PM
  7. jefefeL's Avatar
    well, i bought a Classic just to check gmail for nostalgic purposes... loading heavy outlook email is abit slow for a dual-core today

    12-15-20 03:13 AM
  8. curves2000's Avatar
    I have been having issues with my hotmail.com addresses for a while. It comes and goes and I get an error messaging it's having problems synching with my provider.

    I try to sign in with my password and it won't allow it. After a day or so it corrects itself.

    I don't know how long of a runway we have with BB10 and some email providers. If things like email go down the drain, at that point we aren't even talking about being able to do much other than calls and texts.

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    12-15-20 10:34 PM
  9. Sadik M Saleh's Avatar
    I have problem with Gmail and yahoo mail.. Gmail account account cant syn contacts.. but Yahoo always even failed when trying to sign in.

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    12-26-20 02:04 PM
  10. CrackNutRun's Avatar
    I have problem with Gmail and yahoo mail.. Gmail account account cant syn contacts.. but Yahoo always even failed when trying to sign in.

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    For yahoo try the following:

    Sign in and go to your Account security page.
    Click Generate app password or Manage app passwords.
    Select your app from the drop down menu and click Generate.
    Follow the instructions below the password.
    Click Done.
    Use this app password and your email address to sign in to your email app
    12-27-20 12:29 PM
  11. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    It's pretty much the same for all email services..... their security has improved but BB10's has not. Have to enable less secure features and use app specific passwords.
    12-28-20 10:11 AM

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