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    Is there a flip face down to kill all notifications/phone calls option or App?

    For example U go into a meeting and want phone off, fast.
    06-04-15 09:53 PM
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    Yes, go to Settings/Advanced Interaction/Flip to Mute and toggle the setting on:
    Attachment 356076

    Also, in Calendar app, swipe down from top of screen and select Settings. Under Calendar/Settings/Meeting Mode, you have these options:
    Attachment 356077 Attachment 356079

    You can also use your Quick Settings, accessed by swiping from top of screen in Hub or home screens, or swiping down with 2 fingers from anywhere else. To set the options, open Quick Settings and tap the word Notifications (not the icon beside it). This will open Settings/Notifications. Tap Quick Settings in bottom bar:
    Attachment 356081 Attachment 356082
    Any profiles that you check will allow you to toggle quickly through them directly from Quick Settings menu. After you've checked some of the profiles for this, exit and open Quick Settings again. Each tap on the little icon beside Notifications in Quick Settings will toggle through the profiles you've checked off. Silent or Meeting would work for you.
    Attachment 356083

    Lastly, there are apps in BB World that could help you as well. One that comes to mind is Flip Shush, but I believe there are others too.
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    06-04-15 10:02 PM
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