12-05-12 10:33 PM
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  1. ankoil's Avatar
    It would be so useful, I hate multi tabs. Even the iPhone one annoys me, and at times lags.
    12-05-12 06:35 AM
  2. Marauder2's Avatar
    IMP for BB10 to become a "Mobile Computer" this feature will be necessary. Listening to Thor it seems as though his plans are to have a BB10 device connected to a monitor and keyboard and the "phone" will function as the computer. With the mini HDMI out that I highly suspect is coming standard on each device his plans are not that far into the future. For a matter of fact it could be done right now with the Playbook and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With all the space of a 17"+ monitor limiting the display to only allow one app to be visible at a time will not help RIM reach its goals nor will it help BB image as a Mobile Computer. With multitasking as it is now on BB10, all the apps run simultaneously and in real time. All the OS needs to do is to allow all apps to be visible at the same time and control the app’s size, orientation and location. This will also require programming changes on the developer’s part to get their app to size correctly while on a large screen, but this is very possible as it has been proven on the android device.

    Unless phone screen size is increased I do feel that BB will prevent the feature from activating while the device is not connected to the HDMI out. That is why I agree with the tread about “InterActive Frames.” For example, having a calculator interactive frame and being able to view a zoomed in portion of a website that has been minimized to a active frame will allow the user to quickly calculate something with data from the web page without the user having to switch back and forth between the two apps.

    BB has all that it needs to really blow the doors off the competition with BB10. Hopefully it has the imagination and will to see all the potential BB10 has and then implement it. Or hopefully they are reading all of the great ideas that are posted here in the Crackberry forums and are adding them as we think them up.
    I agree with you there, that's a good idea. Multi-window support only over hdmi, with interActive frames otherwise. It would do the job! Never thought of it that way
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    12-05-12 07:22 AM
  3. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Or hopefully they are reading all of the great ideas that are posted here in the Crackberry forums and are adding them as we think them up.
    IF that's the case, we should All be hired by RIM.
    12-05-12 10:33 PM
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