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    I have a blackberry z10 STL100-1. I got this phone last week used from a friend (friends LATE father was the user of this). He died a couple of days ago. It was on the OS and had no apps or BBID on it, i security wipe it and tried to enter my BBID but anti-theft protection error was shown. I asked my friend about this but he was unsure so i decided to downgrade to 10.3.1 using autoloader. It was successful but my OS version still remained same as hence my radio version changes to the one i downgraded.Now I can use my BBID but some issues still presists that are listed.

    1) I can use my phone, but standard stock apps are no where to be found. ( if you have send me a link please) and some App World apps are not working like file manager.

    2) If i upgrade to, anti-theft protection error returns with no stock apps again.
    Tell me what should i do i am stuck here with a phone just for call and text.
    12-17-16 08:02 AM
  2. RazzBerry's Avatar
    Read this and see if you see something of use.
    12-18-16 11:00 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    You downgraded to a crippled DEV OS that is missing many features and apps.

    Without knowing the original BBID of the device, you will never be able to load an official, complete OS.
    12-18-16 11:04 PM
  4. themaniac3's Avatar
    Can i install some some apps that can work in this device now?
    12-20-16 08:04 AM

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