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    [Solved - see below] I just ran the 10.3.3 autoloader for my AT&T Passport, and I'm getting a bizarre problem. This happens even when I am not holder the phone and using a bluetooth earpiece.

    At exactly every 30 seconds (I've timed it), there is a tone as though my cheek is hitting the screen. The thing is that my cheek is nowhere near the screen. In fact, it happens when I'm on bluetooth as I said above.

    Also, people on the other end apparently cannot hear the tones according to a woman I just spoke with. The problem recurred even after we ended the call and I tried calling a different number for her.

    Could there be an issue because my phone is an AT&T phone? Maybe an app? (I have not installed any new ones I didn't have before.) Any ideas anyone? I really do not want to rebuild my phone again.
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    01-11-17 10:45 PM
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    It was the call recorder app set to record by default. I guess before my upgrade I did not have it set to record by default.
    01-11-17 10:52 PM

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