01-31-17 04:12 PM
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    Now whenever I open whatsapp I get this message. I cant skip this as it forces me to select my google account and during authentication it will freeze.

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    @bloke1 If you get the option to choose never, choose never.
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    07-17-16 04:59 AM
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    Is it just me or does Android WhatsApp on Blackbery 10 OS drain the battery quite a lot?
    Some android apps running natively on android will cause battery drain. I believe half of the issues with BB10's android battery drain are due to two factors alone. Firstly, like Conite said, the android functionality is just a layer on top of BB10, and android is being ran inside an emulated environment which causes strain on the CPU (The Passport can run android apps better than other BB10 devices because of its superior processor). Secondly, android itself had some serious battery drain issues. I noticed very big improvements when I updated my android tablet using a custom ROM to Marshmallow.

    I'm certain that you would see huge boost in android app performance if BlackBerry were able to update BB10's android runtime to 6.0. Something they cannot do due to current OHA restrictions.

    PP SE - .2836  < α∂∂ιт > 
    07-17-16 08:16 AM
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    Sending pict from gallery OK, but can not send pict from camera button on chatbar whatsapp
    07-20-16 09:56 AM
  4. Villard Defender's Avatar
    For sending pictures upload them on imgur and send the direct link on WhatsApp

    For sending ANY OTHER FILES (huge videos, songs, etc. etc.) use FileConvoy and send the link to your contacts on WhatsApp


    By the way since July 18th WhatsApp moved to API 10 Gingerbread with the release of version 2.16.182

    Check out the various versions API level here

    It's a good thing there's a workaround the Google Play Service obsolete nag with the back button and once properly installed, you can just Update if there's a new version but won't be asked again on if you want to backup or have to go through the SMS activation again.

    If next year they want to drop support of older Android versions like they did with Eclair and Froyo, the 2 next on the list will be Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich (since Honeycomb is not supported). We should survive for another good 2 years unless there's a new function/feature that wrecks everything up
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    07-21-16 08:29 AM
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    In my beta zone app i cant find the waa fixer because i marked the no interest note by mistake. How can i get it back so i can download waa fixer?
    07-24-16 01:51 AM
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    Whatsapp basically is just a program that communicates with a server, nothing else.

    Whatsapp is closed source but many developers around the world managed to reverse engineer it at 100%, all the protocols that Whatsapp uses are published and documented. See this Google search, all is there:

    What we should do is put 10 USD each into an account until there is a couple of thousands and then hire some top tier C++ software engineers to make Whatsapp native for BB with updates since WA will try to shout it down by any means by pushing updates and locking up any device that isn't updated, funny thing it will become impossible for Whataspp AKA Facebook to win the fight since QNX BB10 OS + BB 10.3 API + C++ are a deadly combo perfectly capable of emulate and disguise any kind of shady update they push, in simpler words BlackBerry will be just another Android or iPhone in the eyes of the Whatsapp servers.

    If we manage to get at least 1000 BB users to drop 10 dollars in this, we will have a 10 thousand budget enough to carry this project and **** facebook marketing measures.
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    08-09-16 05:54 AM
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    one thing you can do on android watsapp and not on BB10 wats app is video calling.
    don't see why not but you can't (see link below).

    It's annoying but it's like that.

    Let's keep on fighting the Android Power dear BB fans chumps.

    "I have a BB passport and I love it !!!!"
    01-31-17 12:24 PM
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    May it's possible to develop more powerful app with QT 5 adapted to bb10. So perhaps we will get more developing power!

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    01-31-17 02:38 PM
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    May it's possible to develop more powerful app with QT 5 adapted to bb10. So perhaps we will get more developing power!

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    Not unless BlackBerry ports Cascades over to Qt5. And that ain't gonna happen 'cause they've fired almost the entire BB10 team.

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    01-31-17 04:12 PM
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