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    I saw some android apps which are not able to find files because they look for /sdcard however if you replace this folder by /mnt/sdcard they are able to find the files.

    The curious thing is that for BlackBerry system both paths are aliases (checked from shell)

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    05-08-16 10:32 AM
  2. dpgo's Avatar
    Btw, is possible to access to Android shell/terminal (on the android runtime)?
    I mean a terminal form the android runtime perspective of paths/folders etc

    I tried with some android shell/terminal apps and they refuse to work.

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    05-12-16 04:02 AM
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    it is possible to browse folders from an internal explorer but it seems that android rt cannot see/access/recognize the files there.

    Could be a problem with an open source component and the BlackBerry android RT?

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    05-25-16 12:55 PM
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    The runtime isn't a full fledged instance of Android. It's just the components for Android needed for application execution and doesn't have full access to the underlying OS.

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    05-30-16 05:06 AM
  5. dpgo's Avatar
    The thing is that some android apps can store and detect their data files external sd card.

    Whereas other android apps try without luck to detect files in external sd. So I suppose that there is difference in how they try to access to the filesystem.

    Some android opensource apps have the same problem detecting data in external sd, however if you go to the data file and you apply 'open with', the android app will load the file.


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    04-30-17 05:34 AM
  6. PM1024's Avatar
    I've used terminal programs like Term48 (others work too) and used the Unix Command ln -s to link /mnt/sdcard/APPNAME to /sdcard/external_sd/APPNAME, where APPNAME is the name of the Android app. Move the content of the local APPNAME directory to the equivalent new one on the external drive and make the link. It seems to work for me. Terminal programs and Ghost Commander will show you how Android sees the device.

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    04-30-17 02:31 PM
  7. dpgo's Avatar
    But what is curious is that also android apps can see the native filesystem, for example total commander or all in tool box can browse in folder such as /accounts/1000.
    So supposing that an android app try to access at low level, I mean using the native root filesystem, and scanning through native folders I suppose it could cause troubles. No?

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    05-03-17 05:39 AM

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