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    My thought is that BlackBerry has enough experience now with Android 5 (6) and that they could upgrade the Android runtime version to a next stage and I believe people will pay for it.

    BlackBerry should bring Android Runtime to BlackBerry World and let us pay for it to fund the cost.

    BlackBerry will give update in the OS like 10.3.3. in the future but in the meantime they could start a side project for users demanding a better Android support for a few banking and financials apps that are slowly moving away from Android 4.

    I allready have a Germann Client in finance that can not use a app anymore and they have there own apps, but they see BlackBerry fall behind and they have in the Netherlands 16 BlackBerry devices and they thinking to move away from BlackBerry and moving to Android Devices.

    The client told me if BlackBerry has no money to upgrade they should stop or just ask money for an update.

    I like to see an andrroid runtime upgrade, but the apps I running are fine but I wiould pay for it if they ask a price around 2 euro.
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    04-17-16 03:32 AM
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    When they decided to get in to bed with Google and make an official android device they had to sign an agreement to not make any more forked android devices ie the android runtime in current BB10 phones. So, there will be NO options available for an upgrade of the runtime either paid or free.

    There is probably somewhere who has more knowledge of it and can explain it better but that's i got from it.

    You want an Android device there are many to pick from. The Asus Zen phone is a decent device or the Sony Z5 premium, S7, or an LG, HTC the options are crazy.

    Sent from my battered and bruised but still kicking (just barely) Z30.
    04-17-16 06:19 AM
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    How you no they agree not the build any android runtime version anymore by contract.

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    04-17-16 08:27 AM
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    Tell your clients to switch to BlackBerry Priv, it's BlackBerry and Android wrapped up in to one!!!?? Solved!!!!

    BlackBerry Passport Sliver Edition
    04-17-16 08:37 AM
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    How you no they agree not the build any android runtime version anymore by contract.

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    Poor soul thinks that Google needs BB and not the other way around. BB did very good to keep the existing runtime in BB10 when they got approval to make PRIV with Google apps, they aren't getting any updates on it.
    04-17-16 08:47 AM
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    Who cares anyway, both my wife and daughter swap there Z30/Z10 for nexus 5X. I stay with my passport till september when my bank only support android 4.4 and I wait till the fulltouchscreen come out to see if i go for a BlackBerry or other brand.

    I also get a read from my workthat my company app is going to upgrade with some extra features this summer, so I hope it still will support 4.3 otherwise I really must change my phone.

    Still I hope they upgrade it ,because they lose there users base very quick at the moment and I hope the Android phone will be a good sell for them.
    04-17-16 09:21 AM

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