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    Been noticing some issues with the Android Player accessing the Notifications in the BlackBerry HUB.

    First of all I noticed that there is a delay with the Peek feature of the HUB with Android Notifications. For example, when Songza changes songs in the playlist it will send a notification to the HUB. If you Peek into the HUB you will not see this notification until you fully flow into the HUB.

    Second, had Songza (Android Player) actually crash when it was trying to send a notification to the hub. At this time the unit got a little hot as well.

    I have the Z10 running first official build. The unit was also charging at the time Songza was running. And the only other open app within active frames was BBM. Just for full disclosure.

    Anyone else notice similar issues?
    02-04-13 02:50 PM

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