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    I was told we can't get this but between @cobalt Mobile Network app that let's you into android settings and the patched Google voice I was able to get as in download the Pico Language pack yesterday for US/English and I saw others there for download as well like US/Canada, etc.. now my one android talking clock works. Still wish I could somehow install the Google text to speech app but somebody said I can't so never tried patching it as some apks rely on that and others work I suppose with what I did via the mobile app by cobalt as in via off the phone or via data/wifi. I think! There is a great app (or what could be) called talking battery in BBW but it has to be open to work as he didn't give it permissions to run in background or run all the time rather, grr. Maybe I will get the sound scheme today and try to record the voices I want myself. I suppose I will need two phones to do so depending how the app works.

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    08-04-17 01:09 PM
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    BB10 is a true hobbyist platform.... keep working at it.
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    08-04-17 01:16 PM
  3. DreadPirateRegan's Avatar
    BB10 is a true hobbyist platform.... keep working at it.
    Agreed and then some..

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    08-04-17 01:21 PM

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