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    Thinking aloud...

    Am unsure what the WAA Fixer actually does programmatically to fix its Android app on BB10, but since it works to a certain extent, isn't it also possible to create an interface application to fix most, if not all, Android apps interfacing what's happening/changing between BB10 and ART 4.3 at the software level?

    I just tried to upgrade Android-based WeChat to the latest version, and it still failed. I tried different display settings and cleared its cache, and it still didn't work. I haven't start to debug the software yet, only because I have no idea where to start. Help?

    But let's say the debugging result of the Android app is mainly because of certain modules or objects requiring some minor changes, how difficult is it to develop a "Fixer" across (some/most/all) Android apps? Is it specific to Android API, or is it the app's API?

    Or am I missing something else...?
    07-23-16 07:06 AM
  2. Ment's Avatar
    The dev can speak to this further but what I understand WAA Fixer does is change the meta data on the media so its compatible with Android Whatsapp. It's a very narrow solution that doesn't have anything to do with the larger issue of incompatibility between the 4.3 runtime and larger number of Android apps or a solution to it absent BB.
    07-23-16 09:52 AM

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