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    I have a few pet peeves about Android, the main one being apps being able to run in the background without permission. On BB10, if you deny the "Run in Background" permission, when the app is closed, it is CLOSED.

    I have manually gone into the settings and changed the "Run when minimized" permission to Denied for any app that let's me change it (not all do - another pet peeve). I understand that this isn't the same as "Run in Background", but since it's the only option for Android apps, I tried this to see how it works.

    Spotify, as an example, when closed, will still show up in the Device Monitor CPU processes and needs to be manually closed from here. The Run when Minimized permission is denied, which seems to do nothing (music still plays when the app is minimized, for example).

    I guess one question is what is "Run when minimized" and what does it actually prevent? To me, it does nothing. For everything BlackBerry has been able to accomplish with the Android player, one area that needs improvement is the Run in Background ability of these apps. This is especially true because of the strict restrictions BlackBerry had on native apps getting approved for this permission when it first came out. It seemed like they REALLY cared about it for native apps, but don't seem to mind if Android apps pop open or stay open all the time without permission.

    I know apps exist that close Android processes, but that's not super ideal. The OS should be able to prevent processes from running in the background, whether they're native or Android. Definitely interested to see how they deal with it in the future if they plan to use Android even more.

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    07-16-15 04:52 PM
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    Not a problem or a concern for many, but for you, I and others, it is, and I agree with your opinions. So much for me that I installed an Android killer app but got tired of monitoring and killing Skype. Mega, etc.. during the day. So I deleted all Android apps. I don't like uncontrollable apps, especially apps that require all application permissions to operate properly, especially for security and privacy reasons. I was a happy camper until the VZW update release pushed the Amazon crap on me. Now I have to download an Android app to delete two other Android apps. Ironic.
    07-16-15 06:24 PM
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    You're confusing "run in background when minimized" with "auto start" and "auto start in background". The run in background when minimized setting set to off will put most apps in a suspended state (paused) when minimized and idle. Spotify will not follow this setting because if it's playing before it gets minimized it never reaches an idle state.

    Some apps such as Skype and Mega need to always run in background to catch certain actions because they aren't push capable apps. For example Skype needs to run in the background to receive incoming messages and calls, Mega needs to run in the background to catch links to download on Mega seemlessly.

    The debate about privacy and security concerning app permissions has always been absolutely silly. Those people that need privacy and security would not be downloading apps such as Skype, Mega or Candy Crush Saga; so this debate has always been pointless. The real debate is always from tin foil hat type about the illusion of privacy and security they wish to have; and that's all it will really be, is an illusion. Privacy is living on a few acres of land and keeping your window curtains shut, security is owning a firearm and knowing how and when to use it.

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    07-16-15 08:03 PM
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    What about Android apps that don't show up in Device Manager or even Task Manager which is meant to show running Android apps? I have been having significant battery issues lately. I finally saw in Ghost Commander that many Android apps I thought were "closed" needed to be forced to stop but didn't show up anywhere else as open or running.

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    09-18-15 01:19 PM

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