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    So i got a friend which hes against BlackBerry just because from the lack of apps.. and when i say we have android runtime he flips and saying its laggy and very not stable.. (Z10 ex user, on 10.2.1).

    I downloaded a game which we both liked "Bloons tower defense 5", but he still haven't played the 5th version. And when he asked to check out my Z30 running 10.3 he noticed the game and said " Ohhh they made the game available for BlackBerry, haha about time"(He assumed that's its native for BlackBerry before opening the game).
    And asked to play the game... He was like 'wow so many animation in this one and clean and smooth such a nice game'. After playing for 10mins or so he asked wheres the back button in this game? I told him its android game so swipe, and he was shocked that the game was so solid and running very smooth and he admitted he thought it was native for BlackBerry 10 and how amazed he was!

    Also to mention that the game is big and with lots of graphic, music and animations.

    This is the story from a z10 user which he was an expert in BB10 from launch date he was sideloading apps and downloading leaks.

    Hope you liked the story and if anyone have similar experience with a friend/family please tell us in the comments!

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    07-07-14 05:10 AM
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    It's so funny to see people bewildered over BlackBerry like it was BlackBerry of the past. Great story!
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    07-07-14 05:43 AM

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