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    Every time I open an android app from Amazon Appstore (or just the Appstore) and close it again, the system task will stay at ~20%, the phone gets warm on the top right and the battery drains.

    I got a new Passport last week and it has the same problems after I configured the phone with all my accounts.

    The phone is connected to BES 10.

    Anyone else has a similar problem or has an idea what's going on?

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    I think that's been an issue with other people. I don't remember mine being that high, but as I recall mine was a bit of a memory hog.

    I don't use mine. Pretty sure once you've launched it the only way to disable it is a factory reset. Not that I don't use Android apps...I just don't use Amazon. I use Snap.

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    08-04-15 05:39 PM

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