09-24-14 06:14 PM
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  1. JoseMercedes's Avatar
    Using my z10 on 10.3. Blend works for me

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    Z10 stl100-1 /
    09-24-14 04:38 PM
  2. CarbonKevin's Avatar
    BlackBerry has made the passport available unlocked - dirt cheap, at that. It's even $100 cheaper in the US than in Canada, which is a bit unusual for BlackBerry. Today's event was am important peek at what's coming in the next few months, and it should be reassuring to all BB10 owners - very good things are coming.

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    09-24-14 06:10 PM
  3. CarbonKevin's Avatar
    As for the lack of CDMA support - BlackBerry needs to cut costs. Covering every possible cell network type isn't cost effective, and is foolish when there is a clear direction being taken in the market. GSM is the way forward, networks clinging to CDMA are just delaying an increasingly expensive investment to change over eventually. If you're on a CDMA network, you made that choice when you signed up with that carrier.

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    09-24-14 06:14 PM
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