1. anon(8908445)'s Avatar
    08-07-14 11:28 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I have the same problem here...don't know many in town that can fix or support a BlackBerry
    08-07-14 12:29 PM
  3. anon(8908445)'s Avatar
    08-18-14 08:41 AM
  4. Matty's Avatar
    It's unfortunate that all the bad news get published and none of the happy customers get their word hear. I've had my BlackBerry Q5 for around 10months and I've never had a single problem. Updates are smooth, nothing crashes or closes unexpectedly. Unfortunately there will always be defect devices produced.

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 SQR100-2
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    08-18-14 09:56 AM
  5. bluetroll's Avatar
    Which is why they are focusing on business sales.

    Resources are limited.

    It's much easier to serve a few well and serve many well.

    The business consumers have similar needs vs general consumers which have wide variety of needs.

    It's much better to do one thing well than to do multiple things mediocre.

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-14 10:00 AM

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