1. 123nat's Avatar
    I was deeply shocked! At whatever wifi network I went, all my photos shown up on these ppl computers!

    I realised I allowed ' device connections ' so I wonder if turning this off will stop this from happening again?

    I'll check tomorrow on a different wifi network...

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-15 05:55 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    You should also go to Settings > Media Sharing and toggle off anything you don't wish shared over the WiFi network.
    10-27-15 06:48 PM
  3. 123nat's Avatar
    Ah thanks! Fabulous! It was on now just toggled off. Whew!

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-15 07:28 PM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    No worries. Glad you're good now.
    10-27-15 07:33 PM
  5. danp2000's Avatar
    Media Sharing is what was causing it.

    Device Connections only allows other devices associated with your BBID to get at your files which shouldn't be a problem.

    T-Mobile  вιaсĸвεггч Passport Autoloaded Sachesi to to to 798 to 2204 to 2339 to 2639 to 2789
    10-27-15 07:44 PM

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