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    Hello everybody

    here's an experience that i would like to share.
    Today for the first time, i needed to use the feature "make ring the phone" because i was unable to find it at home (and yes it was in silent mode...)

    Once on the blackberry protect main page, my Q10 wasn't reachable. I tried every features except locate the device because i know that location services were offline.

    Later, i finally found my phone (old-fashioned way) and i checked the status : 64% battery, connected to home WiFi, mobile network online but location services off.
    So my phone was technically reachable but BB Protect was completely useless.

    I tried to reset my BB protect account :
    - Disable BB Protect on my Q10
    - Delete the phone on BB Protect website.

    Then re-activate BB Protect on my phone.

    After that, BB protect found my phone, i was able to trigger a sound, send a message, locate the device etc.

    So why am i telling you all this story, it's just a piece of advice.
    Once in a while, you should check your BB Protect account to be sure that it will be helpful when you'll need it.
    12-09-17 03:52 PM

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