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    After 3 days use of the new iPhone 6s with IOS9.0.1, now I equally love my iPhone 6s and Blackberry Passport with BB10.2. Blackberry disappoints us in many ways and maybe it's time to say goodbye...

    My support to phone companies....

    8700, 8100, Bold9000, Torch 9800, Bold 9900, Playbook x 2, Q5, Z30, Passport (currently use for work), Passport Priv (pending) and countless accessories...I am a big fan of RIM/Blackberry!

    iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 plus, 6S (keep for entertain, you know the reason: app not run well on bb10!!)

    Galaxy S3, Note2, Note3, S4, Note4, S5.

    wasting too much money and time... After using iPhone 6s, I think I will keep it for now and if Priv is nothing more than a regular Android phone, then time to say good bye to Blackberry phone.

    Best OS: BB10 (run smoothly, user friendly, etc)
    Second: IOS9 (run smoothly, most apps)

    Android=too many troubles. Blackberry apps on Android phone is still an android phone.
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    09-28-15 08:10 PM
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    I'll be picking up an iP6s this week too.

    I'm finished with BlackBerry

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    09-28-15 08:27 PM
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    And don't forget to close the door behind your Apple Candy butts. Apple users ain't welcome here. Leave your BlackBerry's on the desk.

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    09-28-15 08:43 PM
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    Good luck, thread closed
    09-28-15 08:50 PM

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