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    I posted this in someone else's thread over in the BB10 Leaked/BETA OS, but decided to repost it here since 10.2 isn't Leaked/BETA anymore and my comment was going off in a different direction than the OP.

    I discovered yesterday when I Bluetooth re-paired my phone with my 2010 Prius, because I have to toggle Bluetooth off and on to get it to play audio from the music player app and it wasn't behaving, and low and behold I was greeted with a prompt to select the type of car I had (Toyota/Subaru) or that this wasn't a automobile. I chose Toyota and now my lock screen looks like this:
    2 Frustrations with New Bluetooth Auto Pairing in 10.2.-img_00000344.jpg

    This is cool and all but I have two gripes with this new "functionality" and they are:
    1. As someone already noted the lock screen now appears after 10 seconds of inactivity even though I have screen activity lockout set for 30 seconds.
    2. I can no longer use the Lock Screen Notifications to see what the new messages are, presumably because the big graphic is taking up the space.

    I did not ask for either of these changes nor do I want them. And before someone says "it's a safety feature", I'm not always the one driving so I shouldn't have my phone's functionality reduced just because I have it paired over Bluetooth to my car. And also sometimes I am in the car parked waiting to pick someone up and again I don't want my phone to reduce its functionality then either. I should be allowed to choose if I want this type of change in behavior or not.

    Short of deleting the pairing and re-pairing while selecting "this Bluetooth is not my car" (which will presumably return it back to its previous functionality level), does anyone know where to go and override these two issues?

    Also I am unclear what this special type of pairing is buying me short of showing me a generic graphic on the lock indicating the connection is to my Toyota car and showing me another grouping of apps (but no new apps) in BlackBerry world. Does anyone know if there is any extra functionality added with this special type of pairing?
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    10-25-13 12:33 PM
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    I agree that should be an optional thing.
    10-25-13 03:03 PM
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    Open Bluetooth menu,
    Under the Bluetooth, hold onto the car connection profile and a sidebar will pop up to the right...Unset.
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    10-25-13 11:21 PM
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    I got the same problem with map. Screen always revert back to screen saver.

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    10-26-13 12:01 AM
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    Open Bluetooth menu,
    Under the Bluetooth, hold onto the car connection profile and a sidebar will pop up to the right...Unset.
    Thanks for the info on how to dumb down the connection.

    I'm still interested if there is a way to tweak the two changes short of dumbing down the connection, and also what beyond the additional menu in BlackBerry World this setting gives you.

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    10-26-13 08:10 AM
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    I had to turn off the auto awareness today because the 10 second screen lock was kicking in when I was trying to use Maps.

    This is is ridiculous because the time you want to use Maps the most is when you are driving.

    Clearly this new auto integration was not well thought out.

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    10-31-13 03:27 PM
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    Lemme get this straight : that lock screen will activate even while you are using your BlackBerry Maps for GPS?!

    Wow. I'm on Verizon so I have yet to get 10.2 but I use Maps for GPS navigation all the time. I definitely don't want my Maps screen being overridden by any other screen.

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    10-31-13 03:37 PM
  8. HotFix's Avatar
    It was definitely doing it today, I even had to pull the car over to make the change because it was driving me nuts.

    I'm hoping this was a bug because I just can't seeing this being how they intended it to work.

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 06:42 PM

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