10-15-14 02:27 AM
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  1. ram4life's Avatar
    You can stream videos from your phone to a TV.. given both are connected to the same wifi.
    My htpc broke down, my z10 has taken over!

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    10-04-13 07:43 AM
  2. AlexXF's Avatar
    So much fail in this post I don't even know where to begin. Please do not speak if you don't know what you're talking about. You sound as ignorant as a CNET and BGR article on BlackBerry 10.
    1. Time shift - not the same as burst shot that just takes multiple images not a video that allows you to select the image you want by touch

    Yes. This is great feature.

    2. BBM video may be useless to you but I have lots of friends with BlackBerry 10 devices. You comparison is the same as me saying I message is useless to me. At least bbm is going cross platform.

    Now I have one choice:

    + Get iOS device with iMessage and BBM
    + Get BB device with BBM only

    Did you see difference? If not, i'll show you - from iOS device i can chat with iOS/BB/WP/Android users, using THEIR native client (iMessage, GTalk, BBM, Skype, WhatsApp). From BB device i need in 3rd party client installed on other side, otherwise i can't connect.

    For example - my friend have iOS device without BBM installed. He use iMessage only. How to contact them from BB10? Beg them to install BBM? And vice versa - i have iOS device with BBM installed, so i can chat with ANY BB user without pushing them any chat client. So, cross platform BBM is great benefit for iOS/Android user, not for BB.

    The same about Android also, but iOS there in winner position - Android does not have iMessage also, but iOS have GTalk.

    A few words about BBM Video/Screen sharing. This options still stay on BB10 only. So, it useless for 99.82% users at current moment (global BB10 market share is 0.18%)

    Currently i have BBM for iOS and found it useless - there is no contacts.

    And please, do not forget - in some countries BBM Video is blocked by carrier.

    4. Ease and efficency something I don't get from Apple devices. Just dumbed down for the masses

    Just answer to me - why i need to download file from internet? To open it? If i need to open it, then i must have application that supports this file. Simple logic. I do not need store in my ram files, that i can't open on device.

    5. Why exactly are they more secure than password keeper? Especially when I can hack your lockscreen and touchID?

    First at all - it's not so easy hack lockscreen and touchID, as you think. Please, do not forward me to youtube. If you have skills to hack this scanner - you're great (sure!), but i believe - there is no one who can repeat this in real life.

    Now about password keepers. I'm working in company that provide solutions for forensic analyze, and i guess, i know more about privacy/encryption than you.

    Password Keeper encrypts stored passwords using key derived from user-supplied
    master password. The encryption key is computed using 3 (three) iterations of
    PBKDF2-SHA1 function. To ensure integrity of the data, SHA-1 digest of the data is
    computed and appended before encryption. After decryption, last 20 bytes are assumed
    to be SHA-1 hash of the data (first Len-20 bytes). If computed digest matches the
    decrypted one, decrypted data is assumed to be correct.

    This integrity verification procedure allows to mount a master password recovery
    attack. Due to the fact that insufficient number of PBKDF2 iterations is used (only
    three), the password recovery is fast (millions of passwords per second on modern
    After publishing report about vulnerability (in march 2012!) in most of all mobile password keepers software (iOS/Android/BB), BBRY have no changes in their protection. As i know - 1Password changed their DB format/encryption level and initiated security audit after this. Audit passed with verdict - now it's secure. But i can's say the same about Password Keeper at this moment.

    To be clear - if you have access to Password Keeper DB (from backup or memory phone), it can be recovered (time depends on password length and strength). But as i say before - there is more powerful and friendly use products available.

    Now about iOS keychain. Keychain encryption is very strong. As I know - there is no success in bruteforce attack on it.

    7. Sorry auto correct sucks a** on the iphone. It doesn't allow you to type multiple languages with predictive text and doesn't have a adaptive keyboard like the z10 sorry no comparison.

    This keyboard does not allow to use "multiple" languages for languages uses non-latin alphabet (like cyrillic). So, this feature is useless for me.

    9. People who want to buy a device built for the future instead of buying a device with nearly the same thing with a coat of paint...
    Headless apps sdk is available for 10.2..
    No security breach android apps are sandboxed do your research..nothing is given access to the micro kernel

    I think it's a black humor, huh? If you buy something about feature of device, just take a look to current company situation. We do not know, what will be with BBRY in next two months, and you think about 1-2 year feature?

    PlayBook - where is a future?

    Headless apps... Oh, no... Did you read SDK about it? Very limited, full of crap and pain realization.

    Security breach means - app requested access to some functions. You allow it or not. Usual 90% of users allow all requested permissions by default. So welcome high costs SMS and other fishing/spamming crap, traffic eaters, etc. Sandbox for this case is not panacea.

    10. I didn't know drag and drop of a apk file or bar file and punching in your IP address was rocket science. This is extremely helpful for those missing apps. Plus I get BlackBerry 10 apps.

    I'm glad for you, that you know what is 'IP address' means. But mashable tests (after Z10 launch) shows - users does not understand how to unlock it by gesture! So, why do you think they will sideload apps? As i know non-geeks users, they do not understand more simple things about smartphone.

    Yes. Sideloading is a benefit for geeks, but not for usual customer.

    11. DLNA wireless miracast or a $10 hdmi cable vs $100 apple TV.

    I do not have TV with WiFi+miracast (do you offer to purchase new TV?). I do not have this option in hotels, but i have ATV, that i can connect to any TV. Did you see the difference?

    12. Not useless can be used for mobile file sharing, adding contacts, making tags, mobile payments etc. A lot more useful to me than 10 year old fingerprint scanner technology ...

    Oh, sharing... BB10 to BB10 only? As I say before - there is 0.18% BB10 owners only. Share with whom?

    Mobile Payments, okay, looks great, but stop! How many banks that supports this feature on BB10? As I know - in my country ZERO. And what about mobile bank payment clients? I have for iOS/Android app for my phone, but there is no app for BB10. BTW, i have CC with NFC payment enabled, so why i need a phone with that option, when i have in my pocket phone and CC together?

    You blame fingerprint scanner... How long your password on the phone? 4-8 symbols? Do you like to enter it every time when you use it?

    What door lock you use at home? Went to youtube and you'll found 1000+1 videos, how to open your home lock with pins in 1-2 minutes.

    Fingerprint scanner is not positioned as "super-security" (first at all), this is only ONE OF POSSIBLE methods to unlock your phone. It's secure for most of all users, it's useful instead of entering passwords every time when you need to unlock device, it works.

    13. Many people care so they don't have to plug in batteries if they're on the road for a long time

    Yep. This is why i've purchase mophie juice pack air pro (case) for travels. It charged with device together. But i had a lot of situation with spare battery - when it needed, it discharged, or forgotten at home. With power case i do not have this situations anymore.

    14. I don't want any of my important data on a cloud. I want my media on a SD card. Enjoy paying a few hundred for extra storage that is built in non removable.

    + If you loss your phone, you loss all of your important data.
    + If you forget synchronize it with your PC, you do not have actual copy.
    + If you've made changes on your phone and do not synchronize it, you loss all of your changes with your phone.
    + If you forget copy required file from your desktop to SD card, you do not have it, when it's needed.

    Looks like a benefit?

    16. Sorry when did other platforms have mobile apps and could bbm video in the car?

    Yes. FaceTime for example.

    17. Most people care about real multitasking. Ios7 causes refreshing of content when going in between apps. When I need to get multiple things done at once. Which is a main selling point of a buying a BlackBerry in the first place. I want something that will allow for seamless flow. BlackBerry 10 is what allows for that.

    Please comeback from stoned age! Have launched about 12 apps in iOS, switching - no refresh. But if i will work with 8 apps only, like in BB10 - no refresh guaranteed, like in android also.

    But what you've miss. BB10 do not have memory swapping. So, 8 apps is not real limit, there is a situation - if foreground app required more memory than available, last app will be killed without any notification.

    Anyway - your use case does not requires in "real multitasking", it requires clearly "save state and data", what works flawlessly on iOS and Android. Real multitasking required when background process needs to do something in background only. Otherwise this is recourses eater feature to save state and data only.

    As bottom line

    Yes, you'll found this features is great FOR YOU. But this features is not so great FOR ALL OTHERS. Some of them is not exclusive, some of them is not important for all, some of them required average or higher skills level.

    I've just point on it. I do not want to say - "iOS is better than BB10". NO!!!!

    I want to say - this "features" will not drive sales of BB10, even if you will advertise it as hell. Market needs in something else, but this is definitely is not geeks things.
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    10-07-13 04:10 AM
  3. Amey88's Avatar
    I guess nobody bothered to read that last comment neither did I ) I m busy with my affair with BlackBerry 10 <3 <3

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    10-10-13 10:25 AM
  4. onethreealpha's Avatar
    I guess nobody bothered to read that last comment neither did I ) I m busy with my affair with BlackBerry 10 <3 <3

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    And this why FUD > Facts in most online environments....

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    10-10-13 07:50 PM
  5. bigjman's Avatar
    Haters are gonna hate no matter what you write but if iOS is so great then why are all these clowns hanging around in a BB forum. I personally haven't ever logged into iMORE

    Thank you!!! What does that say about people's life if they take time to troll around a BlackBerry site everyday to bash BlackBerry on each and every post? If you love Android or Apple so much and think it's so much better than what we BlackBerry users have, that's great. But if you love them so much, why spend so much of your time on a BlackBerry related site? Crackberry has sister sites for whatever OS you use and they are countless others as well, go play there.

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    10-10-13 11:27 PM
  6. byex's Avatar
    AlexXf you are trying way to hard. And it's a miserable fail. As a former iPhone short term iPhone 5 user I have to say BlackBerry 10 is a better experience. My main reason, ITUNES SUCK. It's like a damn leash tied around your phone. Oh and don't get me started on emails and attachments on the iPhone.
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    01-21-14 09:44 PM
  7. irweezyy's Avatar
    All I know is more and more ppl around me are noticing bb10 and saying iPhone is old, nothing cool or new. Actually I sometimes let ppl borrow my z10 when they have issues with their other phones, I get it back after they upgrade to the z10 lol, 3 converts so far!

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    01-21-14 09:51 PM
  8. james pisano's Avatar
    Are you serious? Is secure store files on SD card?

    BTW, if you need access to device file storage, you need to install BB Link software, like a iTunes. There no difference.

    Anyway - there a lot of secure clouds. One of then - SpiderOak.

    And more - I see no difference in USB vs WiFI access ( using any browser )
    Mine are quite secure. Strongest encryption on the market. I don't use the cloud for anything. I also don't need to initialize BBLink to transfer files or look at files on my phone or SD card, I just plug it in via USB connection and transfer away. I keep a secure backup of ALL my business and personal userdata stored on my PC, on my Q10 SD card. I can also have a 64GB card with some movies on it and swap it with another card if I want to. I use file manager all the time; to see whatever is on my phone or SD card, particularly if I want to move files to different folders.

    Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10
    02-06-14 08:54 AM
  9. mzway's Avatar
    Picture password, no need to manually enter a Password... NiiiiiiiiiiIiice

    Posted on a sexy QTEN
    02-06-14 09:11 AM
  10. james pisano's Avatar
    Haters are gonna hate no matter what you write but if iOS is so great then why are all these clowns hanging around in a BB forum. I personally haven't ever logged into iMORE

    I've often wondered about that. What kind of person spends time on the user forum for a device he doesn't use; a forum of people who enjoy a product(s) and support a brand that come together to share and learn and help each other out?

    It's ridiculous! That truly is the definition of a "troll." Was that guy trying to edify us? No, not with all the opinion in his post. He was, from the safety of his keyboard, trying to put us all down. Tool.

    Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10
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    02-06-14 09:17 AM
  11. james pisano's Avatar
    De-ja-vu. Palm Pre....

    Just one question - if it so cool, where is sales?

    Is that "benefits" so cool, to make "sells like a hell", so why peoples select other smartphones (android/ios/wp)? Maybe you wrong about this "benefits", did you think about it?

    Market tell you clearly - no one care about true multitasking, wire HDMI, open file system, BBM video, screen share... etc. No one want to pay and have a fun with sideloading apps from other platform!

    Q2 - sold (not shipped, shipped about 2.8 millions, 1 million write-down) ... 600K, only!!! 600K, just think about feature. At Q1 was been sold more than million. This is a reality. I can see future trend - Palm Pre history repeating. And you?





    Dude. On the one hand you're implying your point is that you see no future for BB. On the other hand you're saying you don't personally like the strengths of the OS. On occasion, you seem to have made a legitimate point on a feature and whether or not it's unique to BB.

    But what is the REAL reason you're on this forum? Once you've offered your OPINION about BB OS and future, what else can you accomplish? You're not convincing me or too many others to move away from BB. I've got a Q10, a Z10, a Playbook, and am about to acquire the Z30.

    If you had something edifying and constructive to add, you would have done so already. Please go away.

    Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10
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    02-06-14 09:41 AM
  12. Just Me's Avatar
    14. SD card slot

    Who's care in 2013? Today cloud time is. Had it in my 9900 - never used it.

    - I care. I take pictures in the mountains where there are only non-virtual clouds. Kinda need somewhere to store all those bits.

    I busted a gut laughing here, "Only non virtual clouds." I can't believe how out of touch people have become with the real world.
    Went on a ski trip with some buddies (all iPhone lovers to the point of embarrassment) where we were a long way away from WiFi and interwebs. I had a Contour and Z10 they chose (were force to adopt because of peer pressure and marketing) iPhone and WiFi enabled GoPros. Any guesses who got the best video and was able to watch it later in the lodge? The GoPros all died before lunch so only I caught the afternoon runs when the fun escalated. Later the iPhones were useless for watching the video, the viewing apps redefined terrible. I inserted the SD card from the Contour into the Z10 and passed the "better than retina" display around for everyone to watch. While it wasn't about winning and losing (which BlackBerry clearly did) I was happy everyone had a chance to enjoy the footage of the group shredding the pow.

    Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.
    02-06-14 10:06 AM
  13. slam54's Avatar
    please explain number 24?

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 11:32 AM
  14. beemaabeemababy's Avatar
    aptX for high quality sound over bluetooth

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    02-06-14 01:58 PM
  15. f1mx's Avatar
    #40? The Porsche clock for Z10 (sideloaded)

    #41. BlackBerry express. This app is pretty cool!

    #42. Revamped brick breaker!!!

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 02:48 PM
  16. mapsonburt's Avatar
    Justme, I'm with you on the Contour. My brother-in-law has one and I have a GoPro. The GoPro blows chunks in comparison and it makes you look like a f'ing Teletubby to boot. I have the backpack battery and the POS drains the regular battery first and then can't use the backpack. It never lasts more than 2 hours of standby with about 2 mins of video. They do cool commercials but it's a total POS. I hate the thing.

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    02-06-14 06:43 PM
  17. Just Me's Avatar
    Justme, I'm with you on the Contour. My brother-in-law has one and I have a GoPro. The GoPro blows chunks in comparison and it makes you look like a f'ing Teletubby to boot. I have the backpack battery and the POS drains the regular battery first and then can't use the backpack. It never lasts more than 2 hours of standby with about 2 mins of video. They do cool commercials but it's a total POS. I hate the thing.

    Posted via CB10
    Companies which produce the gear I like spend more on the gear than they do on advertising. While it does seem to work well for the companies (eg BlackBerry V Apple and Contour V GoPro) it works for me.

    Can't believe the picture lock is not on this list. It's freaking incredible. One handed secure fast unlocking, if you haven't tried it yet do yourself a favor and set it up. I've seen the feature but never appreciated it until I tried it.

    Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.
    02-06-14 07:15 PM
  18. ShaunLasalle's Avatar

    One question, why the F are you so threatened by BlackBerry and BlackBerry users? Freedom of choice obviously is not your cup of tea, nor are cables and wires - which begs the question of how your iPhone gets charged.

    Posted via CB10
    09-23-14 11:57 PM
  19. jamsss's Avatar
    Isheeps, Itoys, Ifroam, Icrap, I am loving the names lol..for all the IOs7 phone fan boys or girls trolling, how about a simple basic challenge?

    Have a friend send you a mp3 song directly to your phone then Change your Ringtone to that mp3 song in 3 seconds !!

    Oupss! Did I do that? did I just burn some Isheeps ?? Loool
    When your big apple releases a real smartphone that can do such basic task with ease ( ie no itunes), only then you can talk here lol...

    Anyways, back to BB10!!:-)
    I think having a keyboard that predicts and corrects 3 different languages in the same sentence is the greatest feature for me on bb10! Not to mention it learns my slang too!
    But pinch to filter the hub is also a beautiful feature!!

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-14 12:18 AM
  20. Adif_70's Avatar
    I could not make heads or tails of your rambling. Apple is unfortunately on a decline. I see BlackBerry taking market share back from them and Samsung. Simple.... the honeymoon if over and people don't see any innovation with the iPhone. Same phone slightly different spec every year. Yet isheep keep begging for more of the same stuff. Then one day they wake up from their sleep and realize they need a tool not a toy.

    Posted with my awesome Blackberry Passport
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    10-15-14 02:27 AM
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