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    I'm experiencing a delay of up to 15 mins before an email I delete is deleted from a mailbox using Exchange ActiveSync on BB10 phones. Sometimes emails I delete from the phone are deleted from the mailbox in around a minute, sometimes using the Refresh function on the phone makes it happen if it's been longer than a minute but sometimes it's a full 15 mins before it deletes from the mailbox.

    This is happening on multiple phones and mailboxes using both BB10.1 and BB10.2 with Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3. It doesn't make any difference if the BB10 phone is activated on my BES10 server or not as the delay still happens with a plain ActiveSync account setup.

    The reason I know something isn't right is that using iOS devices the emails delete from the mailbox immediately after deleting on the device and using Android devices it's within 30 seconds. BB10 shouldn't be taking this long to do it. Even a PlayBook doesn't exhibit the delays, takes at most a minute.

    The only thing I can see in the ActiveSync account settings on the phone that I'm wondering about is that for both plain ActiveSync and BES10 accounts the Sync Interval is set to Manual and is greyed out. (Push is always turned on). Is that the cause or normal?

    Is anyone else experiencing this delay or know what's going on?

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    Mods, can you move this post to the BES10 forum please?

    I thought I'd post it here as the problem is happening even without being activated on BES10 but I think only my fellow BES Admins in the BES10 forum have the Exchange knowledge to be able to help.

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    Mods please delete this post, question re-asked in BES10 forum, thanks.

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