1. moegh's Avatar
    10.3 android notifications-img_20140518_162016.png

    I open the notification from hub but still showing after close and I can't delete it

    10.3 android notifications-img_20140518_162423.jpg

    CB10 - Q5 - (radio)
    05-18-14 08:27 AM
  2. anon8656116's Avatar
    The way Skype uses notifications is a bit peculiar. Its uses them as a shell for the online status, not as a one-time notification. Accordingly, the notification reappears immediately, if you succeed in closing it. It disappears once you close the app or log out. I dont think you can do anything about it.
    05-18-14 02:43 PM
  3. moegh's Avatar
    Even when I close the app notification still in hub

    CB10 - Q5 - (radio)
    05-19-14 02:04 AM

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