06-02-16 09:31 AM
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    Move on , I was a die hard blackberry 10 fan , still am . It's over. Android is the future. Blackberry 10 will become totally niche and be kept open only for safety purposes . It's no more a public os, but that of high grade security which we as daily users don't need.
    I looked at other OS options. I like the OS layout of BB10. There are features built into the OS that others don't have or you need to modify.
    1: hub
    2: blend
    3: ability to just drag and drop files on your network from phone to Server to PC.
    4 file manager.

    I use these features daily. IOS frustrates me when I try using it. People say it's an easy OS. I find it cumbersome. Android, better then IOS on feel but still sloppy compared to bb10.

    I hear Samsung is building a "hub" email into their galaxy phones for next year. Maybe they will "copy" BB10 and make it easier for use. Maybe the new BlackBerry Android devices will have the new BlackBerry apps that feel more like BB10 embedded devices.

    Apps that I use are still on the Cobalt android play and work on my Z30 , no need to change OS now.

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    06-02-16 09:31 AM
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